Coqueirinho Beach

November 20, 2013 by


The most beautiful beach I have ever seen? Is that statement even possible to make in a country that has such beauty in spades? All I can say is, this deserted, gentle place was a balm to all the senses. I don’t need to describe to you the sounds of surf breaking on the shore, the smells of some piney vegetation, and the feel of the warm water washing around my feet. You can easily imagine it, because it is the beach of your dreams, even if you dare to reject the label of “Beach-lover”.


I am most grateful to my host, Felipe Avellar de Aquino, a friend from Eastman, for showing me his wonderful city, sharing his lovely students with me, and organizing and publicizing my recital tomorrow night. The amount of work for the host professor is huge and begins long before the visit. I am floored by how warmly welcomed I have been ever since I landed in this dream of a Cellist’s Brazil!

Lest it appears like I have been only at the beach, I will share some photos from the classes held at the Federal University of Paraiba.


Isabelle, Joao Pessoa

Tomorrow, I will get to see Durval again, the pianist from Natal. We will perform our program and then I will zip down on a red-eye flight to Rio, leaving behind the North-east coast. I will miss these musicians of Natal and Joao Pessoa very much!

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  1. Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley

    What a superb way to spend a sabbatical, what a collection of enviable experiences — I am so happy for you!


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