Have Cello, Will Travel!

Natasha and cello

Hello! Haven’t you wished you could see how other people do what you do around the country?  I have!  This semester, I am on sabbatical from my cello studio at SUNY Fredonia.  My two goals for this semester are to enliven my teaching methods by visiting other cello studios, and to increase my own practicing through performances.

My travels have been really eye opening, and have included visits with cellists in San Francisco, Florida, New York City, and Baltimore.  Occasionally, I would pull out this really cool cello duo by the Buffalo composer Caroline Mallonée.  Its called Alaskan King (because it’s a crab canon!)  Let me know if you would like a copy, and I’ll put you in touch with the composer.  Here’s a video of a performance done in Florida with cellist Greg Sauer:


My next trip will start on Monday the 11th; three weeks in Brazil.  I’ve never been to South America and am a little nervous, but also quite excited to see a new country.  I’m bringing with me that terrific duo along with two programs, one of sonatas with piano and one solo program.  My first stop on this tour will be in the Northeast city of Natal.  My concert with pianist Durval Cessetti will be on Saturday the 16th, at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte.  In addition to ATC (or All Things Cello), I think I might see some sights like this:


If you have anything to share (especially about Brazil, or cello teaching), leave a comment.

Here is a poster for the masterclasses in Natal: