The Great Pernambuco Tree

November 23, 2013 by

When I was preparing for this trip last spring, I would stare at the map of Brazil and become consumed with curiosity about what the countryside looked like in any given spot. I noticed that there was a *whole* town called Pernambuco, named after the native tree. I have heard of this amazing tree since I was little, because it provides the best wood for string instrument bows.  They are endangered and there are all sorts of strict rules about taking the wood out of the country.  I desperately wanted to see one. In conversations with Felipe, I would revert back to these trees with tenacious questions. He would tell me about how slowly they grow, which is perhaps why the wood is so dense. He promised me that he’d take me to the zoo, where a really old one was growing (perhaps 200 years old??).  We found it in all of its magnificent splendor, next to a growling female lion’s den!  Here are pictures of its bark covered by little spears, and its breath-taking immensity!




Thursday night, Durval and I performed our recital in Joao Pessoa. I’ve included photos taken by a professional photographer (!) and also, at last, I figured out how to upload these lovely pics of the cello classes:



After Natal recital

With Fabio’s class in Natal, taken after the Nov. 17th recital


With Felipe’s class after the Nov. 21st recital.

3 Responses to The Great Pernambuco Tree

  1. Anne Hooper Webb

    What an awesome sight! I never thought I would see a pernambuco tree, and I certainly never imagined I would see one, with you standing under it! Even less believable is the idea of a rich dark forest of them. Thank you for sharing your great experiences, both in music and in nature! It is a testament to the widespread culture and natural beauty of our planet.

  2. Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley

    oh that is extraordinary Tashy, and how entirely cool that it bears a connection all the way back to your childhood!!


  3. Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley

    I love the photographs of the recital, everyone looks so happy and charming — I wish I could have heard it1!


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